BLOG #11: NL Central Projections

The first two weeks of Spring Training is under way, and fans have finally gotten an initial glimpse of live baseball in 2021. There is always this “extra buzz” during the March portion of a baseball season, and while some fans aren’t exactly impressed with the talent and effort on display, Spring Training undeniably providesContinue reading “BLOG #11: NL Central Projections”

BLOG #10: Are Mega-Contracts Worth It?

There is no question that MLB contracts are reaching an outrageous level of expensive. Due to revenues skyrocketing the past couple decades both within Major League Baseball and its teams, money has never been more plentiful. Teams all around the league are making billion-dollar television and broadcast deals, and with no salary cap in theContinue reading “BLOG #10: Are Mega-Contracts Worth It?”

BLOG #8: “Project North Side”

It’s October 27, 2009. You’re a Cubs fan. You are the laughing stock of baseball, the franchise with the longest championship drought in all of sports, and you ended the season finishing second behind the division rival Cardinals. The two years before, you won back-to-back division titles under new manager Lou Piniella, just to getContinue reading “BLOG #8: “Project North Side””

BLOG #7: Hammerin’ Hank

Hank Aaron was bigger than baseball. For someone I never had the pleasure of watching play live, I am fortunate to have learned his story and substantial impact on all generations of the baseball community. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Aaron idolized Jackie Robinson – the Brooklyn Dodgers first basemen who broke the MLB color barrierContinue reading “BLOG #7: Hammerin’ Hank”

BLOG 6: Free Agency is Heating Up, So What’s Next?

About time. Contending teams across the league are making the right moves to try and build the dream team to take home the Commissioner’s Trophy in 2021. We have seen plenty of moves through both free agency and trades this past week, and the league is slowly starting to come together. Aside from the N.L.Continue reading “BLOG 6: Free Agency is Heating Up, So What’s Next?”

BLOG #5: How Much of an Impact Will Liam Hendriks Bring to Chicago?

Disclaimer: White Sox fans bear with me, at times during this blog you are going to think I am being a delusional and salty Cubs fan, just hear me out. Long time, no talk. I had been holding off on posting the last couple days in hopes that the MLB offseason would eventually kick intoContinue reading “BLOG #5: How Much of an Impact Will Liam Hendriks Bring to Chicago?”

BLOG #4: What Happened to the Cubs Offense and Former MVP Kris Bryant?

As with most Cubs fans, I have found myself puzzled as to what could be contributing to our lack of offense in big moments since 2017. In 2018, the Cubs were held to one run in the N.L. Central tie-breaker game against the Milwaukee Brewers, and then held to one run again in the N.L.Continue reading “BLOG #4: What Happened to the Cubs Offense and Former MVP Kris Bryant?”

BLOG #3: Lindor, Mets, and What’s Next?

With the events that transpired in our nation’s capitol yesterday, I think most can agree with Sen. Chuck Schumer in saying that January 6, 2021 will most definitely be added to the short list of dates that will forever be remembered in the history of the United States. While it is still a shock toContinue reading “BLOG #3: Lindor, Mets, and What’s Next?”