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Filter Bubble Part 2

After a week of browsing the internet using my three popping actions: go incognito, burn cookies, and turn off targeted ads – I realized there were many small things that made the experience easier, safer, AND more efficient. By going incognito and burning my cookies, it was nice to be on the internet and not have my prior searches and websites visited be in the way. It was also nice to browse sites that I normally visit and not have to be bombarded with targeted ads.

Another objective of this assignment was finding new news sources. In part one, I chose: PBS, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. In addition to the news sources I use on a daily basis, this past week those three sources gave me more world news than I am normally exposed to and I am grateful for the credibility these sources provide. Especially with everything going on in the world I think expanding sources/outlets for news is a huge plus. Whether its world news, the pandemic, entertainment, or anything relative to information online I am happy to have added these three outlets. A huge problem in today’s internet is bias, and I appreciate the three sources I chose for their attempt at being as unbiased as possible.

Overall, the filter bubble lab was extremely helpful for myself and has led me to change the ways I access the internet. While I am not one particularly to care too much about sites tracking locations or accessing my data, this assignment has helped me change that way of thinking just enough that I will be keeping these popping actions going forward.

Filter Bubble Part 1

Positives Blog

As I had mentioned in my negatives post below, I think there are more positives in new media technologies than negatives. I believe a lot of pros go unnoticed due to how reliable and easy to use our technology has become that as a society we expect everything to work perfectly. An obvious hot topic in the world at the moment is the global pandemic, which has put almost all of our lives on pause at some point in the last year and a half. One of the lines in this week’s readings resonated with me, and it was from Forbes’ senior contributor Jack Kelly:

People were relieved that they didn’t have to endure long, tedious and stressful commutes. They found themselves working more efficiently without the incessant unnecessary meetings and gossipy and annoyingly intrusive time-sucking co-workers.1

While I am only a student and not somebody who has experienced the “real work world” yet, I am sure as an adult with other obligations such as children, pets, etc. being able to work from home must be such a blessing. While the classes I were taking may have not been the same as in-person, I will admit that online learning was the best attempt at making the situation less problematic and trying to keep students engaged away from a traditional classroom environment. I feel without the technology we have today, we could have seen significant decreases in all forms of daily life during this pandemic. So, in my opinion major kudos for today’s technology in keeping up with today’s problems.

Other pros of technology include communication, research, entertainment, and more. As someone who has family and friends that live all over the world, having the ability to talk with them in present time whenever and wherever I am is extremely convenient and I feel very privileged every day. Social media, cryptocurrency, streaming networks, and more all make it really hard to make a case that the negatives of technology outweigh the positives. This world has so much to offer in terms of technology and I am sure I will be amazed plenty of more times than even I could even imagine in the near future.

1 Kelly, J. (2020, May 12). The massive work-from-home covid-19 test was a great success and will be the new norm. Forbes. Retrieved September 24, 2021, from 

Negatives Blog

I believe new media technologies collectively have an overall positive impact on society and my life despite the many negatives that were mentioned in the two part lecture videos. In regards to my personal use of technology, the displacement hypothesis resonates with me a little too much for my liking. I struggle with minimizing screen time on the daily and find myself late at night gaming or watching shows, movies, or YouTube instead of focusing more on “positive life activities” like proper sleep, working out, or reading/studying. I will add that the enjoyment and relaxation of television is a rewarding one after a long day of school, work, or sometimes both, but I feel the amount of time I spend on screens throughout the day should be enough to cut down the time at night.

I think a lot of us (myself included) struggled mightily to adjust to the pandemic, especially being socially-limited and stuck inside. On the one hand, you could look at how important technology was in terms of being able to communicate rather easily with friends, families, etc. during the pandemic. Sure, you might not have seen some of these people in person, but the relationships were kept because the technology allowed the communication needed to do so.

On the flip side, however, with part 2 of the lecture video mentioning boundary theory and how it can affect yourself and those around you, it made me realize that during the pandemic people were only seeing the side of me that I was choosing to post on my social media and not the me that was actually living. In a world where it’s very easy to only post what you want people to see online, this new social age we live in has created a weird dynamic of how people choose to portray themselves and what image they wish others to see them as. While I kept my socials very positive during the pandemic, I am sure others did the same when in reality life during that time wasn’t always the easiest. I think this ideology really gives a unique perspective to the downsides of technology despite how positive it is when looking at it in the grand scheme of things. Pretty eye-opening stuff.

Timeline Infographic


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Hi, my name is Jarod Turina and I am currently a senior at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign studying statistics. This is a website for my baseball blog but this page is dedicated to my current journalism class I am taking this semester JOUR101.

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